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Apr 21, 2019

In 1975, New Topography: A Group Exhibition of Man-made Scenery Photographs, held by the Bechers at the Dusseldorf Art Academy, influenced contemporary photography for nearly half a century. In 1976, William Eggleston's Guide completely reversed the idea of black and white photography in the past and opened the era of color photography. Entering the Internet world in the 21st century, the most obvious thing is to create, transmit and watch images, and the way of understanding the world has become more influenced by images. With the interconnection of online advertising and social networks, people perceive a large amount of visual information all the time, which leads us to find all meanings in images. However, visual arts such as painting, photography, sculpture, or new media have never fully presented the appearance of this modern social landscape in the eyes of human beings.

Since its invention, photography has been recording all aspects of our lives, and even filling the distant but familiar memory structure deep in our hearts. Although it can only present the surface of the image, when connecting different levels of time points, it becomes possible to get rid of the limitation of time to see everything.

However, due to the limitations of technology and the environment, the things that photography focuses on have always lacked a block. The time of human activities is not only during the day, especially in the 21st century of globalization, people's lifestyles are constantly operating during these 24 hours. In progress. Presenting a complete world view through the real perspective of human eyes, presenting the social landscape that can be achieved by contemporary technology on the basis of vision, is a journey from sensibility to rationality, understanding the world, and personally going through the present and the past, with your own eyes to see Understand what society looks like.

Photography is like a base or background that reflects our hearts, and it is also a bridge between the thoughts of the photographer and the viewer. A person may not be able to recall the shape or even the color of his hands, but he can clearly recall Shakespeare's verses from the depths of his memory.

In 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope, a project with the main goal of observing the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, scientists used the array of astronomical observatories distributed around the world to point the radio telescope at the center of the M87 galaxy and capture the matter surrounding the boundary of the black hole , the outline of the black hole shaped by the emitted light, the images accumulated over time, and the observation data are synthesized into a single image by supercomputer calculations. Because the received radio waves are invisible light, scientists artificially define its color. This first photo of a black hole in the history of human civilization has gathered the cooperation of hundreds of scientists around the world, and spent several years and a lot of money, not just to prove its existence, but to integrate what is known to mankind. The way of viewing, combined with the feedback of unknown things, deduces the evolutionary axis of human civilization in the future with a new visual perspective, tells all mankind the importance of the spirit of explorers, and captures the long-term thinking of human beings.


Memories shape our imaginations about the past, present, and future. Color differentiates the identification of all structures, but the world in photos interferes with our perception of the real world. The distorted lens vision occupies the real vision of our human eyes, which is narrow Our color perception has kidnapped the natural colors that nature bestows on us. With the rapid development of photography technology, with the help of the color of memory, we reconstruct the appearance of contemporary society in the depths of our memory, belonging to the 21st century, and look back and introspect the black hole photos to bring us the enlightenment of the new world of imaging, and propose the context of world photography art. Create a new historical perspective of video, and liberate human beings from the fantasy of decisive moment video documentary in the past.

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