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Nov 14, 2021

In 1839, Daguerre of France invented the world's first camera, announcing the birth of photography technology. In 1975, Kodak Corporation of the United States manufactured the first digital camera, which ended the photographic method of recording images chemically with film. Traditional photography has always believed that capturing images through camera lenses is a very important process, but there are always visual problems that various cameras cannot restore the world we live in. In 2015, Taiwan's Jiu Fangwu proposed the human eye view, which changed the way of documentary and instantaneous expression through digital technology, embodied various types of viewing under different lights, shadows and colors, and opened up an unprecedented innovative vision for the world - what you see That's what you get.

architecture. It is the most important subject matter of photography since its invention. Not only is it a huge still life, it looks like an inorganic portrait, but it is loaded with organic life, it is also the result of human beings' wisdom, imagination and precision in daily life. Entering the 21st century of globalization, contemporary human civilization activities continue, and people move in different means of transportation in a complete 24 hours. If we forget for a moment that the sea ship is a machine created for transportation, but stands in the building Observing from the context of contemporary art from a scientific perspective, we will see ships, airplanes, and automobiles represented as familiar buildings. Throughout the past years, every master photographer still placed the main axis on the general buildings on the land, which weakened the universality of documentary photography. A clearer approach allows the time evolution axis of architectural photography to continue.

In 2021, digital artist Beeple auctioned works at Christie's, in the form of non-homogeneous token NFT, and finally sold for about US$69.346 million. While people still have doubts, NFT is of great significance to the world's philosophical thinking, art culture, technology and finance, and it is the only new medium that can achieve: irreplaceable and eternal art. Fortunately people have started to recognize it.

The various signals that people notice mostly appeal to the appearance they want, and through conceiving and sorting dreams and hallucinations one by one, but often understanding only stays on the surface of things. Through this special exhibition of turning a blind eye, once again solving all the problems that existed in the past two hundred years of photography technology, and from the unique cultural perspective of Taiwan's innovation, to show the world the photography that must be understood and mastered in this era Art—Viewing with human eyes

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