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 Born in Keelung, Taiwan, 1990
 Lives and works in Keelung and Taipei


 Art Director of F Major, 2021 through Present
 Producer of DR talk, 2021 through 2023
 Director of DAPA Association, 2018 through 2020
 Studies with Yu Pu Pin, 2016 through Present


RMRK Sponsorship

 Top 10 Artist, 2022

Moscow International Foto Awards

 First Prize, 2019, Architecture
 First Prize, 2019, Industrial
 Second Prize, 2020, Industrial
 Honorable Mention, 2021, Industrial

Tokyo International Foto Awards

 First Prize, 2018, Industrial
 Second Prize, 2019, Industrial

International Photography Awards

 Second Prize, 2019, Industrial
 ​Honorable Mention, 2020, Special Effects
 ​Honorable Mention, 2018, Night Photography

Budapest International Foto Awards

 Third Prize, 2020, Industrial
 Third Prize, 2019, Industrial

The Prix de la Photographie Paris

 ​Honorable Mention, 2019, Self-Promotion

Presidential Office Photo Contest

 ​Honorable Mention, 2019
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